Here at Priority Home Services, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of quality combi boilers from a range of top manufactures to cater for all budgets. With warranties ranging from 2 years to 7 years, you will find the perfect deal for you.

What are Combi Boilers?

A combi boiler is a high-efficient water heater and a central heating boiler, combined within one compact unit. Water is heated directly from the mains, this is therefore eliminating the need for the hot water storage cylinder, it’s a brilliant space saver due to its small compact design and you get an unlimited amount of heat and hot water as and when you need it. It’s the perfect system for any home and in fact, combi boilers now account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed within the UK every year.

What are SEDBUK Ratings?

SEDBUK stands for “Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK”, and is an industry standard for measuring and publishing the thermal efficiency of a boiler. It is designed to help the consumer choose and compare energy efficient appliances, the boiler’s performance is scored, enabling the boiler to be placed in a banding system using a scale from A to G with an A rated boiler being the most efficient.

Ideal Logic+ Combi Boilers

The Logic+ is the advanced range of combi boilers from Ideal, featuring a small footprint size and 7 year parts and labour warranty. Fully modulating down to as low as 4.8 kW’s, the Logic+ provides excellent energy savings, making it the perfect choice for new or replacement installations.

The Logic+ is available in outputs of 24, 30 and 35 kW’s, the Logic+ is designed to ensure a quick and hassle free installation thanks to it’s unique, compact and concealed design, this product delivers total home comfort and customer peace of mind.

Boiler Model Output (kW) Warranty (Years) SEDBUK Rating Prices from *
Ideal Logic +24 24.2 7 91.0 % / Band A £1,195
Ideal Logic +30 30.3 7 91.1 % / Band A £1,350
Ideal Logic +35 35.3 7 91.0 % / Band A £1,600

Ideal Logic Plus Combi Boilers

Vogue Combi Boilers

Showcasing unique combi boiler innovation, the Vogue utilises modern technology with premium parts and components to bring you the next step in domestic heating intelligence.

The complete design from component specification, manufacture and build through to consumer use is engineered with quality in mind. All models in the Vogue range deliver premium performance, reliability and value for money.

The Vogue combi boilers are available in the following outputs: 26kW, 32kW & 40kW

Boiler Model Output (kW) Warranty (Years) SEDBUK Rating Prices from *
Vogue Combi 26 26 7 Band A £1,395
Vogue Combi 32 32 7 Band A £1,650
Vogue Combi 40 40 7 Band A £1,799

Vogue Combi Boilers

Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers

Worcester’s Greenstar range of CDi and Si condensing boilers are some of their top of the range combi boilers. These models offer the widest choice of features, including the ability to control both the hot water and central heating temperatures, providing the ultimate in performance, economy and user convenience. Not to mention they help reduce your fuel bills and your carbon footprint.

Boiler Model Output (kW) Warranty (Years) SEDBUK Rating Prices from *
Greenstar 29CDi Classic 30 5 90.1 % / Band A £1,700
Greenstar 34CDi Classic 30 5 90.1 % / Band A £1,850
Greenstar 38CDi Classic 30 5 90.2 % / Band A £2,000
Greenstar 42CDi Classic 30 5 90.2 % / Band A £2,250
Greenstar 25Si Compact 24 5 90.5 % / Band A £1,399
Greenstar 30Si Compact 24 5 90.5 % / Band A £1,549

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Combi Boilers

Pro Combi Boilers

The Procombi range of high efficiency combi boilers are designed to meet the everyday demands of the home owner.

With its stylish case designs and easy to use controls, positioning the Procombi in the home is quick and simple thanks to it’s telescopic flue design.

The Procombi boilers are available in the following outputs: 24kW, 30kW & 45kW

Boiler Model Output (kW) Warranty (Years) SEDBUK Rating Prices from *
Exclusive 24HE 24.2 2 Band A £999
Exclusive 30HE 30.3 2 Band A £1,099
Exclusive 35HE 35.3 2 Band A £1,199

Pro Combi Boilers

* All combi boiler prices are subject to property survey.

TF1 Compact Filter

The Fernox TF1 Compact Filter is a high performance in-line filter, which allows hydrocyclonic action to deliver contaminants to the unit’s specially designed magnet assembly, removing and containing them from the system water.

Features & Benefits

  • A high performance in- line system filter
  • Ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas
  • Easy to fit – multiple orientation capability
  • Fast and easy to clean without dismantling unit
  • Removes system contaminants
  • Fits vertical and horizontal pipework rk
  • Will not block or restrict flow

* Product is only available when purchased with a new boiler

TF1 Compact Filter